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【 Traffic Sign 】 Build urban slow traffic system -- Let "slow" and urban development "walk together"

Slow first

Recently, there are many urban motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles on the road appeared "slow priority" signs, bright colors are very eye-catching. In fact, these color ground signs are made by our company Yushu Night Vision Li using the pre-formed reflective material developed by our company:

Nowadays, more and more people of insight gradually realize that urban traffic planning needs a combination of speed and speed. In the process of pursuing the technological development of urban rapid transportation, more space should be given to slow traffic. For a city to be people-oriented, develop more scientific planning and humanistic care, it is necessary to give citizens space for both fast and slow activities, and to have the concept of multi-dimensional accommodation of large and small transportation vehicles.

Slow traffic is an important part of realizing the goal of "double carbon" in China. For example, Beijing, as a megacities, issued the "Beijing Municipal Slow Traffic Quality Improvement Work Plan" in 2020, determining the development concept of "slow traffic priority, public transportation priority, green priority", and putting "slow traffic" in the first place in the transportation development concept for the first time.

In 2022, the first batch of slow traffic instruction signs for the public in Beijing, "slow traffic priority", will be undertaken, developed and produced by our company, and finally, a batch of "non-motor vehicle priority" signs will be put in Daxing District.

                                                                                     Beijing non-motor vehicle priority sign

If the proportion of slow traffic instead of fuel vehicles increases, it can not only alleviate traffic congestion and promote health, but also play a positive role in reducing exhaust emissions and improving air quality.

The construction of urban slow traffic system is suitable for all cities in the country and is an important direction of urban development in the future. "Slow travel first" can help these cities "dredging", so that urban traffic more diversified integration, green and low-carbon.

The following slow signs are made of pre-formed color signs, they use pre-forming technology, in the factory the "slow priority" text, bicycle riding pattern in the front, the car in the back of the white pattern inlaid on the green background, combined into a 3 meters long, 1.7 meters wide color logo, its bright color, can play a good safety warning role.

During the construction of the pre-formed sign, it is only necessary to paste the glue on the ground and the back of the product, without the help of other mechanical equipment, no special requirements for the construction personnel, and it can be opened to traffic after construction, which can greatly reduce the construction cost and reduce the road closure time. Construction site without high temperature, open flame, effectively improve the safety of construction and environmental protection.