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Instructions for the construction of temporary marking strips

I.Performance and use:

"Color Road"pre-formed temporary marking tape is produced with polymer flexible polymer.The product is mainly used for road temporary diversion and car park,square,public places and other indoor and outdoor vehicles do not often crush place;also can be used for safety island,isolation pier,isolation column and other elevation place.The product has the characteristics of convenient construction,fast,easy to remove and no residue after removal.

Second,the use of environment:

1、Use in an environment where the air temperature is not less than 5℃and the ground temperature is not less than 10℃.

2、The construction road must be clean,dry and smooth.

3、After rain,the road surface must be fully dry before construction.Dry for at least 24 hours before construction.

Three,the use of methods and steps:

1、Clean up the paste surface.The place where the labeling tape is needed should be cleaned thoroughly.For those surfaces with floating materials,easy to fall off small pieces of pavement,but also must use a wire brush to remove the floating materials before construction.

2、Draw the contour line of the marking tape and sign pattern at the place where the marking tape and sign are to be applied.

3、After cleaning up,directly paste the marking tape on.

4、After pasting,pressure treatment should be carried out by means of heavy weight rolling(car),rubber hammer tapping and manual stepping,especially at the corners of the marking tape should be carefully tapped in order to make the surface fully bonded.

5、For use on the road,to ensure the strength of adhesion with the ground,apply glue on the ground once if necessary.

6,need to be pasted when the glue is applied within 3-5 minutes( the state of the glue is not quite dry)paste better.