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Reflective marking tape construction instructions

I. Performance and use:

  "Colour Road" pre-formed road reflective marking tape is produced by polymer flexible polymer. The product is mainly used for road surface indication: such as zebra crossing, centre double solid line, lane demarcation line, text, arrow, etc.. The special adhesive used for the product has the advantages of high adhesive strength, strong initial adhesion, water resistance, humidity resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance and long service life. This product is suitable for asphalt and cement pavement.

  2、Using environment:

  1、Use in an environment where the air temperature is not less than 5℃ and the ground temperature is not less than 10℃.

  2、The construction road must be clean, dry and smooth.

  3、After the rain, the road surface must be fully dry before construction. Dry for at least 24 hours before construction.

  Three, the use of methods and steps:

  1、Pavement cleaning. The road surface to be labeled will be cleaned. For those who have floating material on the surface, easy to fall off small pieces of pavement, but also must use a wire brush to remove the floating material before construction.

  2、Draw the outline line of the tape and sign pattern on the road surface where the tape and sign are to be applied.

  3, open the adhesive cover, stir thoroughly and evenly, with solvent-resistant fluffy roller or brush, the adhesive will be thick and thin evenly painted in the ground contour line and the back of the marker tape, painted after drying for a certain period of time, with the back of the hand to touch the adhesive, the ground must be coated with a certain strength, to ensure that the adhesive layer and the ground can be fully infiltrated. Especially at the corners of the sign pattern the glue must be applied in place. The adhesive can be applied when it does not migrate to the skin, which normally takes 10-25 minutes. If the drying time is too long and the glue has dried out, it can be painted again and pasted when it does not migrate to the skin.

  4、After the paste is finished, it should be pressurised by means of heavy weight rolling, rubber hammer tapping and manual stepping, especially in the sign, the corners of the pattern should be carefully tapped to make the surface fully bonded. The effect is even better if motor vehicles are allowed to pass slowly over the fully glued surface. When the ambient temperature is low, it is necessary to use a torch to bake the adhesive tape and then pressurise it for better results. Under normal temperature, it is recommended to use the torch to bake and then make pressure treatment, the paste effect is better.

  5, according to the above method after bonding, generally about 20 minutes after the car can be opened. But at this time the adhesive has not reached a good bonding strength, generally within 24 hours try to avoid forcibly tearing peel.

  6, after the paste, if the label with local bulging phenomenon, that indicates that the coating layer drying time is not enough or air is not exhausted, can be in the bulge with sharp instruments stabbed, the bubble in the gas release, re-pressurization can be.

  IV. Precautions:

  1、When transporting, storing and using this product, it should be kept away from fire or strong heat source, and ensure effective ventilation as far as possible.

  2、After painting, the cap should be sealed in time to prevent the solvent from evaporating and the viscosity from becoming too large for painting.

  3, for asphalt pavement in the paving good 10 days before construction; new cement pavement in the paving good and open to traffic 20 days after, wait for the cement slurry on the road and other floating dust to wear off before construction.

  4, "colour road" preformed reflective marking tape in the case of the base does not become brittle long-term effective. The shelf life of the adhesive used in this product is 1 year. If the shelf life is exceeded, it must be tested before use.