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Special instructions for winter work

In winter,due to the low temperature and humid air,please pay special attention to the following matters when constructing"Colour Road"products,in addition to the usual construction procedures:

1."Winter construction"refers to construction in an environment where the temperature is below 5 degrees or the ground temperature is below 10 degrees.After the rain or snow melting at least 24 hours before construction;such as foggy days or frosty weather,should try to wait for the fog and frost to disappear about 2-3 hours before construction.

2、Baking equipment such as torch must be used to bake the"Colour Road"products before construction to restore their flexibility and facilitate the pasting.

3,the ground must use the torch and other baking equipment to remove the surface and deep water vapour,and then brush glue.

4,open the adhesive cover,stir thoroughly and evenly,with solvent-resistant fluffy roller or brush,the adhesive will be thick and thin evenly painted in the ground contour line,painted after drying for a certain period of time,with fingers in contact with the adhesive layer hard rubbing,when the fingers no longer adhere to the glue can be pasted construction,ground coating glue must have a certain strength,to ensure that the adhesive layer and the ground fully moistened.In particular,the glue layer at the corners of the logo pattern must be painted in place,and this process usually takes 10-25 minutes.Due to the low temperature,the glue painted on the ground evaporates more slowly and its drying time is relatively long.

5、After the product is pasted,it is recommended to bake and pressurise the surface of the product after construction with a torch and other baking equipment in order to make the product better combined with the ground.

Special instructions:

1、Winter temperature is low,the flexibility of the product itself will be reduced compared to the summer,which is a normal performance.

2、With the low temperature in winter,the glue becomes more viscous,not easy to stir,slow volatility and longer curing time when painting(curing time in summer is about 24 hours),which is a normal performance.

3、After 24 hours of construction,the surface of the product still feels soft when you touch it with your hand,as if the rubber layer below is not fully cured.This situation is because the construction of the rubber layer is too thick,and drying time is not enough,such as at this time the product and the ground for bonding,due to the low temperature,will lead to the rubber layer always can not be cured.The correct method is to uncover the product and let the adhesive layer dry until it feels viscous to the touch but the adhesive does not migrate to the back of the hand,then bond with the product and bake and pressurise according to the construction procedures.