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[Case] Application of pre-formed paste in Shaanxi National Games

In September 2021, the national attention of the 14th National Games held in Shaanxi, for the National Games ground sign procurement, after the relevant units repeatedly demonstrated, tested, and finally decided to use the pre-formed reflective marking bring production of the National Games during the special lane color ground signs.

In 2021, the 14th National Games will be held from September 15 to 27, lasting 13 days, including Xi 'an, Baoji, Xianyang, Tongchuan, Weinan, Yan 'an, Yulin, Hanzhong, Ankang, Shangluo. During the competition, the village will implement closed management and closed-loop operation. After arriving in Xi 'an, athletes, technical officials and media reporters will be sent by special bus to the entire Games village or reception hotel through the special channel of "one game, two stations". The special channel ground signs embedded with the National Games emblem and the words "National Games exclusive road" are made of "color road" pre-formed reflective marking belt.

The relevant departments of the National Games road ground sign procurement have officially signed a procurement contract with our company, using the method of batch production to complete the implementation of the National Games road ground sign. In July, August and September, our company produced three batches of National Games road ground signs.

The National Games ground signs produced by our company are colorful, very gorgeous, especially under the light and sunlight, through the refraction of glass beads on its surface, it is colorful, shining in the special channel opened up for the National Games, providing traffic security for the National Games road traffic.