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[Parking space Identification] Parking lot ground identification - "Rainbow" parking space

Recently, a unique parking space appeared on the side of the road in Huzhou City. The parking space used the "Color Road" brand pre-formed reflective marking belt produced by our company, which is bright in color and very eye-catching.

Huzhou characteristic parking space logo, the use of yellow, red, blue three colors pre-formed reflective marking made of three-color circular arc logo, pasted in the four corners of the parking space, bright color, looks like a "rainbow", day and night are easy to let people see the correct direction of the parking space.

"Color Road" brand pre-formed marking belt can also be designed and made of parking lot lines, guiding arrows, text, parking lot number, special parking space color pattern and other ground signs, not only bright color, but also simple construction, just brush on the ground glue directly pasted on the ground.

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families with cars, parking lots have become an indispensable facility in our daily life, widely existing in shopping centers, residential areas, office buildings and other places outside or underground, to provide convenience for people in need. Parking lot signs are specially set up for parking order, including parking space planning, parking lot entrance signs, etc., mainly for drivers to and from the parking lot to explain the rules, direction guidance instructions.