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【 Ground advertising 】 Pre-formed color ground signs - color ground stickers

Ground advertising signs:

With the continuous change of ground advertising construction technology, ground advertising is becoming the choice of more and more enterprises. In areas with a large flow of people, the information that needs to be promoted is printed on the ground to bring a strong visual impact to the crowd, and such a simple and direct publicity method will not be outdated at any time.

Compared with other forms of advertising, ground advertising has the characteristics of proximity and guidance. For example, in large shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and other places, businesses can use this ground as a drawing board to list all kinds of patterns and slogans suitable for publicity. When consumers approach businesses, they can be guided intuitively and get a large amount of product information in a short period of time, which is difficult to compare with many forms of advertising. Whether it is driving or walking by, ground advertising can have a very intuitive impact on people.

When studying ground advertising, there is a problem that must be paid attention to is its wear or service life. Since ground advertising is often set in places with large traffic or traffic, it will be subjected to different degrees of wear and tear, and if it cannot be maintained for a long time, it is difficult to play the role of publicity. The "Color Road" pre-formed reflective marking paste produced by Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co.,LtdCompany effectively solved the above problems.

"Color Road" brand preformed line sticker is a new type of reflective material made of polymer flexible polymer, pigment, glass beads and other raw materials. The material not only has strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance, rolling resistance, wear resistance and other excellent properties, but also bright color, easy construction, especially suitable for ground advertising signs.

Not long ago, a hot pot restaurant in Luoyang, Henan Province, used pre-formed marking belts to produce some color ground signs. The design of red and green characters on the ground is very attractive, and the strong visual impact is very attractive, that is, it beautifies the store and plays an advertising role.