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【Floor sticker】Anti-slip frosted floor sticker process introduction and construction video

Anti-frosting floor stickers

With the development of science and technology, our products are constantly updated, in order to better integrate into the market and meet the needs of our customers, the technical department of Yushu Night Vision Lee Company has developed a frosted material floor sticker after a long period of effort, which is suitable for the application of various high speed rail, underground stations, airports and other indoor advertising signs.



The frosted floor sticker produced by Yushu Night Vision is a new type of floor sticker made of PVC, combined with imported high adhesive backing and isolation film. The thickness of the product can reach 0.99mm, while the thickness of general advertising floor stickers is only about 0.5mm. Therefore, our frosted floor stickers are more wear-resistant and have a longer service life, as well as being anti-slip, waterproof and swell-resistant. It is suitable for the application of colourful signs such as indoor ground signs and warning signs in high-speed railways, metro stations and airports.



This new frosted floor sticker is made using spray-painting technology and can be produced in a variety of sizes and patterns according to customer needs, with a short production cycle. As the spray-painted pattern is in the middle part of the sticker, the pattern and text in the sticker will never fade and is resistant to yellowing.






Frosted anti-slip floor sticker

Material:PVC Thickness:0.99mm

Anti-slip value:16-21BPN

Abrasion resistance value:Abrasion 24.3 mg(1 kg,200 rpm)

Bond strength:180 peel strength of 110 Newton/inch


Service life:5 years or more

Scope of application:Can be used for indoor smooth ground indication signs and warning signs applications such as high speed rail,metro stations and airports

Product features:direct adhesive type product,strong adhesion,anti-slip,long service life,non-fading pattern,yellowing resistant.

Standard size:10cmX40cm etc.(Can be customized according to customer requirements.)