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How should ground level traffic text signs be written?

Road traffic signs are facilities used to manage traffic by conveying specific information to the traffic with graphic symbols, colours and words. The text of road traffic signs should be written in a standard, correct and neat manner. Chinese characters and other scripts may be used as required. Today I will mainly talk about the writing standards in roads.


Road surface text sign writing regulations

1、Writing direction of road surface text
According to the document "Road Traffic Signs and Markings GB5768-2009", the correct way of writing should indeed be from the bottom up, that is, written in the direction of travel, the marking text should be written "from the bottom up", for example: "Bus lane" Obviously, it should be written as "Road for public transport", which is the correct way.
This is the way it was written after the new standard was published in 2009, whereas the old standard was the opposite. To be more precise, the new way of writing is more user-friendly, and it is easier to understand by reading the words one by one in the direction of traffic. However, because the old standard markings are difficult to remove, and even if they are barely removed, they leave deeper marks, so it is prepared to wait for them to fade naturally and then rewrite them according to the new standard.


Writing method of the old standard pavement text markings

2. Height of pavement text writing
Road surface text marking is the use of road surface text, instructions or restrictions on vehicle travel markings. The height of road surface text markings shall be determined according to the calculated speed of traffic.
The height of the Arabic numerals and other characters of the road marking shall be determined according to the height of the Chinese characters, and their relationship with the height of the Chinese characters shall be appropriate in accordance with the relevant regulations. In exceptional cases, where the requirements cannot be met for specific reasons, it has been demonstrated that the minimum character height should not be less than 0.8 times the specified value.


3. Maximum speed limit markings
It indicates the maximum speed at which the vehicle is restricted and is used at the start of the lane and other appropriate locations where the maximum speed of the vehicle needs to be restricted. The colour of the numbers used for the speed limit is yellow. The value of the speed limit can be determined according to actual needs.


4、Lane markings
a. Large motorway markings are used within large motorways. It may be repeated outside each larger intersection. This marker is white and the text marker should be arranged vertically.
b. Small motorway markings are used within small motorway lanes. They may be repeated outside each of the larger intersections. The markings are white and the text markings should be arranged vertically.
c. Overtaking lane markings are used within the overtaking lane. Repeatable outside each larger intersection. The markings are white and the text should be arranged vertically.


Examples of characters used for road marking

1、Chinese characters for pavement marking


2、Pavement markings with Arabic numerals



Road speed limit marker characters

Special fonts for traffic signs

Special fonts for traffic signs require:

A.Black square Chinese characters;

B.The width of the horizontal and vertical strokes of Chinese characters must be equal to one-tenth of the height of the font;

C.The width of Arabic numerals must be 6/10 of the height and the width of the stroke must be 1/6 of the height of the font.

D.Latin letters.The national standard prototype must be maintained.

Note:This article is collected and organized by the editor in the network,this is only for reference reading,not for the use of specific standards.Road traffic fonts related regulations,please refer to the"Road Traffic Signs and Markings GB5768-2009"document for details.