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【Technology】 A new material made of road reflective road edge stone


The paving stones are the boundary between the carriageway,the footpath,the green area,the isolation zone and the rest of the road,and play a role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and the neatness of the edge of the road.

In order to ensure the safety of traffic,especially the safety of vehicles at night,some reflective warning signs are made on the roadside stones,which not only meet the function of the original roadside stones,but also add reflective and warning functions to improve the safety of car driving.





Product Introduction

Product Name:"Color Road"Road Pre-formed Reflective Marking Stripes

Product Type:Engineering type reflective line marking tape,convenient reflective line marking tape

Product Features:This marking tape has glass beads on the base material and surface,which is reflective,anti-slip and wear-resistant.

Product specification:can be customized according to customer requirements

Construction method:Simply brush the adhesive on the ground and the back of the product and stick it on.The construction is easy and quick,no other mechanical equipment is needed,and there are no special requirements for the construction personnel.

With the changing face of the city,the beautification of urban space has become an urgent need.The introduction of new,scientific colourful pre-formed road reflective materials has played a new movement to beautify the urban living space,with its high reflectivity,corrosion resistance,wear resistance,non-fading and easy construction characteristics,has become a main theme of the current road colourization.

And the use of pre-formed reflective markings made of roadside stone warning signs,not only play a safety warning role,but also for the beautification of the city to make its due contribution!

The following are the various roadside warning signs produced by our company



Yellow and black roadside stone warning signs

Paving stones under construction ....

High-speed tunnel applications

Yellow and white roadside stone warning signs

Night Effect