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What are the existing problems with reflective materials?

In the past ten years,with the rapid development of China's basic industries,reflective materials have developed rapidly in China,with independent intellectual property rights in many fields of reflective materials.China's reflective material industry has indeed made remarkable achievements in recent years,but there are still gaps in the field of Chinese reflective material products,such as micro-prismatic reflective film,and the number of high,precise and sharp reflective material products in China is still unsatisfactory.The production technology and R&D technology of reflective materials still need to be further improved.In addition,there are not many large-scale enterprises of reflective materials,and many small manufacturers have weak independent research and development ability and poor enterprise management ability.The future market development of reflective materials will certainly require stronger and stronger technical force,further improvement of product quality and further reduction of costs,which will put forward higher requirements for Chinese reflective material enterprises.