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Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co., Ltd in action against the epidemic

Chinese New Year's Eve

A sudden outbreak of a new coronavirus pneumonia ravaged the land

It gripped the nation's heart at a time of reunion

It was a serious test

Love from all corners of the world converged on the river city of Wuhan

This is a war without smoke and mirrors

We shouted together

Together,we can pass on our love and hope

Tiding over the crisis to prevent the epidemic

Yu Shu Night Vision in action


The leaders of Yushu Night Vision Li all arrived at the company in advance to fully deploy the company's epidemic prevention and control work

  Yu Shu Night Vision Lee company faced with this sudden epidemic, the first time to make arrangements, requiring all company leaders arrived in the company before January 30, to prepare for the epidemic prevention and control and to resume work preparations, the formulation of the epidemic prevention and control work plan and various epidemic prevention and control and disinfection system.


Commitment of all employees of the company

  The Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have launched "a level of emergency response to public health emergencies" on January 25, in order to actively do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, to maximize the effective interruption of the spread of the epidemic channels, according to the Mianyang City People's Government, Jiangyou City People's Government, the High-tech Zone and Yicai Coal Company on " New coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control" work of the unified deployment, to ensure the health and safety of the company's employees, the development of the program, the company all employees in the group for commitment, after the official work and make a written commitment!


The company's WeChat group reported its own epidemic prevention situation

  In order to ensure a safe return to work, the company asked all employees to report their physical condition and whether they had gone out and whether they had come into contact with infected areas and people in infected areas by punching in the WeChat group every day from 26 January.


Scientific prevention and control to fight against the epidemic to prepare for the start of work

  First, on January 31, Yushu Night Vision Lee issued an emergency notice on the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus, set up a leading group for the work of the new coronavirus infection, strengthen the registration and management of outsiders, do a good job of office plant ventilation and disinfection and other work requirements.
  Second, the company's sales department staff returned to work on February 3, requiring the vice president to take the lead, after taking into account the history of going out and exposure, protection, selected a person on duty in the office, other sales staff in principle, work at home, the implementation of online office, mobile phones 24 hours a day, normal receipt of orders, orders will be scheduled for production after the resumption of normal work.
  All employees will be checked for 14 days, and after excluding suspected and close contacts, other staff will go to work on February 10.
  In accordance with the requirements of the notice issued by the Emergency Response Command of Jiangyou City in response to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic, our company compounded the conditions for starting work and officially started work on February 10. Employees are required to do a good job of protection at the start of work, they must wear masks, do body temperature tests when entering the factory, disinfect vehicles comprehensively, and register relevant information on outsiders, and other epidemic prevention and control work.