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One mind to move the epidemic and strengthen prevention and control! Pre-formed ground signs are helping

The outbreak of"Newcastle Pneumonia"in early 2020

disrupted everyone's work schedule

As the epidemic subsides,over the past few days

work has resumed across the country

In order to maximise travel safety and epidemic preparedness,the

The"Colour Road"preformed reflective floor stickers are also helping out.

Pre-formed reflective marking products and technologies

widely used in special areas during special times

All important aspects!

Hospital floor signs

In this"new pneumonia"epidemic,the majority of medical staff have made huge sacrifices and hospitals have become one of the most important areas of protection,so in order to establish a new line of defence,we are obliged to play an active role in the fight against the epidemic.

In-hospital reminder signs can save time by showing patients the way to the hospital and reminding them of their protection,as well as preventing febrile patients from being overwhelmed by unclear information and purpose and entering general outpatient clinics with the risk of cross-infection.


Ground signs for companies and communities

With the gradual start of work in companies across the country, prevention and control work is in full swing in all establishments: disinfection zones, isolation zones, temperature measurement and a range of other prevention and control measures. Pre-formed floor signs provide clear boundaries for these control areas and ensure that the control work is carried out in an orderly manner.


Floor signs for shopping malls

The risk of epidemics is high in shopping malls and supermarkets where there is a high flow of people, so for this type of key area, prevention and control work needs to be done. Pre-formed coloured floor stickers on the ground can clearly remind people entering and leaving the mall to shop in an orderly manner in strict accordance with the mall regulations.


Ground signs on traffic roads

During the decisive period of epidemic control, strict controls have been put in place throughout the country to stop and reduce the spread of the virus. When drivers pass through the toll stations and service areas on the highways in and out of the provinces and cities, and after entering the city, they can see the newly added epidemic prevention signs and epidemic prevention special reflective ground markings, which convey information and traffic guidance for people on the road throughout the whole process. The preformed reflective stickers have become a must-have product for epidemic prevention.