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"Colour Road" brand praised at Shanghai International Transport Exhibition

The 2021 Shanghai International Traffic Engineering, Intelligent Transportation Technology and Facilities Exhibition, jointly organized by Jiaotong Science and Technology Group Limited, RAI International Exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and China Intelligent Transportation Association, was held on June 17-19, 2021 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center as scheduled. Among more than 200 exhibitors at home and abroad, Yushu Night Vision's "Color Road" brand reflective material series products received wide attention and praise from the industry!



2021 Shanghai International Transport Exhibition focuses on the hotspots of the transport industry and vigorously promotes the display of green, safe and intelligent products and the exchange of application technologies. A series of events covering international technologies, application areas and industry interaction are launched to provide an effective platform for industry players to exchange and cooperate. At the same time, the exhibition launched EventWork online + offline service platform, inviting more international professional visitors to participate in the exhibition online and creating more effective business opportunities for exhibitors through exclusive business matching services for customers.



In this traffic exhibition, Yu Shu night vision Li company independent research and development of the national invention patent "high wear-resistant pre-formed road marking tape" "inlaid colour landmark" "convenient marking tape ""Anti-slip marking tape"" "spray painting reflective ground markings" and other series of new products, because of the night reflective performance, good anti-slip performance, excellent wear resistance, easy installation characteristics, by the industry's extensive attention and highly New and old customers gathered at the booth to communicate and consult the products, which achieved good brand publicity and promoted business procurement.

The following is the exhibition site: