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Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co., Ltd to carry out "May Day" staff labor skills and recreation even

Yu Shu night vision Li to carry out "May Day" staff labor skills and recreation even

The labour skills competition was the "two-colour inlay landmark" craft competition, 43 people participated in the competition, the contestants were all enthusiastic, hand and foot, in a short time to make a qualified product.

It is not easy to make inlaid landmarks, the contestants have to compete not only for speed but also for quality. If the products produced by the quality inspector failed to pass the inspection, the competition results would be cancelled. In the end, He Jing, a female workshop worker, won the first prize after 19 minutes and 18 seconds, and also created a new record of 4 minutes/each for the production of two-colour inlaid landmarks under 0.1m2 in Night Vision.

The recreational competition was also very exciting, with three competitions set up: "Steady Progress", "Heart to Heart" and "Working Together". The events were fun, entertaining, collaborative and competitive, combining strength and wisdom, fully demonstrating the level of individual competition and testing the ability of teamwork. "Working Together" and "Heart to Heart" were collective events, with 33 teams in each of the two events; "Steady Forward" was an individual event, with 44 participants.

Steady progress

Heart to Heart

After an intense competition, Xiao Li of the Quality Inspection Department won the first prize in the "Steady Forward" competition, Jiang Chunmei of the Workshop won the first prize in the "Working Together" competition and Li Dezheng of the Sales Department won the first prize in the "Heart to Heart" competition.

Through this competition, the cohesiveness of the staff was enhanced and the spare time cultural life of the staff was enriched, and the spirit of unity and continuous struggle was cultivated.