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Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co., Ltd to carry out "99 public welfare day" charity fund-raising activities

"Since 2015, Tencent Public Welfare has joined hands with public welfare organizations, users, enterprises and the media to launch an annual national public welfare campaign under the guidance of the Central Internet Information Office and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in response to the national call for a "Chinese Charity Day" on September 5. It is an annual public welfare activity. The campaign aims to mobilise hundreds of millions of netizens who love public welfare to participate in public welfare in a light, convenient and happy way by using innovative means such as mobile internet and socialization, and in an easy and interactive way.

On the occasion of "99 Public Welfare Day", Henan Energy Yixian Group has always been committed to public welfare, and on the occasion of "99 Public Welfare Day", it has taken the initiative to fulfill its role and mission as a state-owned enterprise, and launched a network publicity campaign on the theme of "99 Public Welfare Day" to call on the general public to participate in public welfare fund-raising activities.

Our company actively responded to the call and participated in the "Clean lungs and dust" and "Pneumoconiosis children's schooling action" launched by the China Coal Mine Pneumoconiosis Prevention and Control Foundation, the "One yuan per month to help workers in need" campaign launched by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Henan Provincial Government, and the "99 Public Welfare Day" and "Charity together" and "Seeing justice and courage" four public welfare fund-raising projects in Yima.

On September 6, the "99 Public Welfare Day" and "Charity Donation" online fund-raising activities carried out by Yushu Night Vision Company were officially launched. At the launching ceremony, the general manager introduced the specific content and meaning of the four love fund-raising activities, and the trade union chairman explained the specific operation process of online fund-raising.

During the fundraising activities from September 6th to September 9th, people took the initiative to actively donate about 3,100 yuan every day through WeChat sweeping codes, contributing to pneumoconiosis patients, family workers in difficulty, rescue and relief for the needy, helping rural revitalization, recognition of the brave and courageous people in Yima, care and support, and condolence.

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