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[Fire Safety] Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co., Ltd carries out fire safety promotion activities

This year, 9 November is the 31st National Fire Services Day
The theme of this year's Fire Prevention Day is
"Grasping fire safety to ensure high-quality development"

Fire safety education

November is the national fire prevention and publicity month, on November 9, the national fire prevention day, Yu Shu night vision Li company to carry out fire safety publicity activities. Let the theme of "grasp fire safety, ensure high-quality development" deeply into the hearts of people, and effectively enhance the fire awareness of enterprise employees, to create a safe working environment.
Combined with the winter "four preventions" and the actual situation of the company, the comprehensive department of the company preached fire safety knowledge to the staff, so that the staff mastered and understood fire prevention, fire fighting and escape self-rescue skills, and improved self-protection awareness.
At the same time, the company organised a fire safety knowledge competition for the staff, and in the afternoon of November 9, all staff learned how to use fire extinguishers and conducted fire drills.

Through the activities of the Fire Prevention Month, the awareness of fire safety of the staff was enhanced to achieve the purpose of "everyone participates in fire prevention, everyone understands fire prevention and everyone is concerned about fire prevention", laying a good safety foundation for the high-quality development of the company.