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Reflective clothing to keep students safe on the road

Recently,in the latest Green Paper on Population and Labour released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,experts predict that China's population will peak at 1.442 billion in 2029 and enter a sustained negative growth from 2030 onwards.If the total fertility rate stays at 1.6,then negative population growth will occur earlier than 2027.For a long time,China,the world's most populous country,has been troubled by its ever-expanding population.Today,however,this concern has been reversed.When the timetable for negative population growth suddenly appears on the horizon,people are again worried about the possibility of a net decrease in population in the near future.The child is now as precious as a baby,and the family comes to look after his well-being,thus making it seem how important the education and safety of children is.

Due to economic development,the number of cars on the road is gradually increasing,resulting in a rising trend of student traffic accidents,especially when students are going to and coming from school,and also at night when there is a lack of light.This is where many drivers fail to spot students and students crossing the road in time,leading to traffic accidents.For this reason,it is recommended that the national education authorities should make it a mandatory requirement for all schools to pay more attention to the reflective nature of school uniforms when choosing students.Many school uniforms in foreign countries are made with reflective materials,so that the wearer can be well perceived by others and thus avoid unnecessary traffic accidents.

When choosing school uniforms for students,it is recommended that the ones on the uniforms should have these points,the aesthetics of the uniforms,their impact on the overall aesthetics of the school,very naturally,without having to draw attention to them;the stitching position of the reflective markings should be in a place that cannot be covered when students are walking or riding bicycles;the cost of reflective markings is not high and should not be a tool for the education department and schools to make profit,they should find some nationally recognised reflective companies that can open Detailed invoices.The state could advocate for students and parents to put reflective traffic markings on electric vehicles used to transport students and advocate for reflective traffic markings on bicycles ridden by students.Adding reflective material to school uniforms is a very low cost and effective way to keep students safe on the road.If traffic reflective strips are sewn or pasted on students'uniforms,bicycles and electric bicycles,it can effectively reduce the probability of student traffic accidents.

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