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Pre-formed greenway coloured ground signs

The"Healthy Greenway",which originated in developed countries,is a green space channel connecting parks,nature reserves,scenic spots and historical monuments,accessible to pedestrians and cyclists,and combining ecological,cultural,recreational,landscape and access functions in one.The various colourful signs on the greenway are also very striking.

In the shuttle city traffic,cycling to enjoy the green style of the"boulevard",this popular"greenway"urban landscape gradually debut in the country,more and more cities in the construction of the world's modern idyllic city,completely change the past kind of urban and rural division,high consumption,high pollution of the rough and tumble,This is a popular"greenway"urban landscape that is increasingly being seen across the country.

The construction of healthy greenways and the building of modern idyllic cities around the world is in line with the development requirements of building low-carbon cities,and can also comprehensively improve the quality of life of urban and rural residents,improve urban functions,strengthen local landscape features and enhance development taste.

In order to further beautify the greenway construction,some coloured ground markings in the greenway have become an indispensable part of the greenway construction.Especially in the construction of cities,villages and scenic spots around the world,these coloured ground signs can not only play a role in traffic instructions,but also beautify the environment,with a variety of colourful coloured ground signs,set in the greenway,becoming another beautiful scenery in the city!

Product Name:"Color Road"brand pre-formed line marking tape

Product type:Engineering reflective marking tape

Construction method:Adhesive products,just brush the ground after the adhesive paste can be.

Product Features:This marking tape has glass beads on the substrate and surface,which is reflective,anti-slip and wear-resistant.(Can be customized according to customer requirements)

Scope of application:applicable to asphalt,cement,marble and other kinds of road surface.

There are countless preformed coloured ground markings produced by Yushu Night Vision Li Company which are used in greenways.The coloured ground markings made with preformed marking strips are easy to construct,brightly coloured and diversified,with anti-slip,wear-resistant and reflective effects.

The following are some examples of our design and production products: