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[Case] An upgraded version of the "pedestrian waiting area" in the middle of the road

Many elderly people and children cross the road at a slightly slower pace, and sometimes the lights change before they reach the other side of the road, so they have to wait for the light to turn green in the middle of the road, which is very dangerous with all the traffic. Especially at night, when visibility is poor, it is particularly dangerous to stand in the middle of the road.

The new "upgraded pedestrian waiting area" installed by the traffic police has solved this problem to a large extent and has made people very happy. People have said that the pedestrian waiting area allows people to split a long road into two sections, which not only saves time, but also makes people feel much more secure. Moreover, the waiting time for other people is shorter and red light jumping is gradually reduced, especially to protect the interests of the elderly, children and the disabled.

However, this three-dimensional safety island is not yet well adapted by some drivers, and occasional scrapes and bumps occur. Not long ago, in Yantai, Shandong Province, a new type of reflective material - pre-formed marking tape - was used to create the middle of the zebra crossing waiting area to avoid this situation. The "secondary pedestrian waiting area" made with pre-formed signs not only increases the safety of pedestrians crossing the road, but also reduces injuries to vehicles and pedestrians, and effectively prevents theft.

This time in Shandong Yantai zebra crossing secondary pedestrian waiting area signs, is the use of pre-formed signs made of blue, green, white three colour synthesis of the arc, not only colorful, and its excellent reflective effect can play a good safety warning effect, for our safety travel to provide effective protection, especially at night can also effectively play a good safety tips effect.

At the same time, pre-formed signs construction steps are simple and easy to operate, without the use of other mechanical equipment, no special requirements for construction personnel, the product construction can be opened to traffic, can minimize construction costs, and reduce road closure time.
The following is the construction site of the second pedestrian waiting area ground sign for the zebra crossing in Yantai, Shandong Province:

Floor painting

Dry the glue after brushing until it does not stick to your hands

Applying preformed signs

Pressurisation with a rubber mallet after gluing

At present, the construction of the pre-formed markings has been fully completed and is in the trial stage, so look forward to the good results! What do you think about the "Secondary Pedestrian Waiting Area" ground markings made of pre-formed signs? Please feel free to write your comments in the comments section.