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【Case】How to set traffic signs when construction encounters underpass

When construction encounters underpasses, how should construction signs be marked when there is no place for them in underpass tunnels? After examining various aspects, the construction unit finally decided to use pre-formed ground signs to apply the marking, solving the problem of not being able to set up signs in culverts and tunnels.


Construction signs are a kind of traffic warning signs, placed in front of the construction at a suitable location to inform passers-by of the construction work ahead and to slow down or detour for safety to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. The construction encountered under the construction, construction signs can not stand in the roadside, the ground signs become a good choice.

Not long ago, a construction unit in Hefei City encountered a road crossing during construction, the relevant technical personnel after various aspects of investigation, and finally decided to use our production of "color road" brand pre-formed reflective marking stickers to produce construction signs, for road safety warning.

The "Colour Road" brand pre-formed reflective road marking sticker produced by Yushu Night Vision is a new type of reflective material made from a combination of polymer, pigment, glass beads and other raw materials. The product construction steps are simple and easy to operate, no need to use other mechanical equipment, no special requirements for the construction personnel, only need to apply glue on the ground and the back of the product and then paste it, when removing it, only need to heat (such as blowtorch) to heat the product until it is soft, and then easily remove it with tools such as shovel, no residue on the road surface; and the material mixed with glass beads, has good reflective properties, can play a good warning role.

Hefei road construction marking scribing: