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【Case】 Indoor application of preformed anti-fouling marking tape

Pre-formed reflective marking tape is a new type of reflective material made from a combination of polymer, pigment and glass beads. The material not only has strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance, crush resistance, abrasion resistance and other excellent performance; but also bright colours, good night reflectivity, its glass beads incident angle is very wide, can play a good safety warning effect, for our safe travel escort.

Pre-formed marking tape can be divided into two kinds of reflective marking tape and anti-fouling marking tape,which are used in different places for ground marking according to the customer's usage.Today I mainly give you a detailed introduction to the application of pre-formed anti-fouling marking.

Stain resistant marking tape

Product type:Engineering stain resistant marking tape,L5021X(with adhesive backing)

Product Description:Engineering type stain resistant marking tape is a new type of material made by combining high performance coating,wear resistant layer,substrate,adhesive and release film together,its thickness is between 1.1-1.3mm.

Product characteristics:The surface of the product is coated with high performance paint without glass beads,with good wear resistance and self-cleaning,easy to clean;this marking tape is a long-lasting product,the life expectancy is usually 2-5 years.

Application range:Indoor and outdoor ground colour marking for airports,high speed(metro)stations,car parks,factories,hospitals,etc.

Product colours:white,yellow,red,blue,black,green,etc.

In November,Mianyang Vehicle Management Office purchased a batch of pre-formed marking tape to produce ground markings,because all of them are used indoors,in order to facilitate cleaning,high adhesive anti-fouling marking tape was used to produce the finished product.Pre-formed high adhesive floor markings are direct adhesive products,no need to brush glue,directly stick to the ground,suitable for the use of smooth ground(wall)markings.

On the 27th,our company sent technical personnel to guide the construction on site,the following construction site:


Yellow warning lines


Rubber hammer pressurisation


Entrance and exit signs

Pre-formed markings can be applied not only to the ground but also to the façade