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Pipeline marking

Published: 2019-04-10 10:48 Views:415

  Pipeline marking

  Product features: can be very intuitive display the name, code and direction of the buried pipeline below the road surface. Construction units can use hand-held readers, laptops and telephones according to the sign code to understand in a timely manner to the functional departments of the underground pipelines belonging to the unit, the use of materials, reducer location, buried depth, construction time and other details of the rain situation, and can prevent construction units from digging by mistake and causing unnecessary losses. In the event of underground pipeline accidental danger with, can be based on the name of the sign and the code to notify the relevant units, to speed up the repair time. Compared with traditional pipeline signs, it has the advantages of bright colour, light weight, easy installation and not easy to be stolen.

  Construction method: The product is an attached pre-formed sign with its own adhesive backing, which can be attached directly after the ground has been cleared of dust. (For outdoor roads, glue should be applied to the road surface)

  Product classification: reflective signs, anti-fouling signs pipeline products including (water supply pipeline signs, gas pipeline signs, sewage pipeline signs, national defence fibre optic cable signs, thermal pipeline signs, power cable signs, etc.)

  Commonly used specifications, 10X15cm, 8X12cm.(can be customized according to customer needs)


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