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Hangzhou Qiandao Lake greenway around the lake is lit up by it

The Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Greenway is the "most beautiful greenway" in Hangzhou and is designed along the route according to the characteristics of the four seasons, forming four distinctive thematic zones. The total length of the slow lane route is 7.3 km, with 6.1 km of coloured pavement: red about 2.1 km, blue about 1.3 km, green about 1.9 km and purple about 0.8 km.


Pre-formed reflective ground markings are used to decorate the greenway on the colourful road surface of Qiandao Lake. The pre-formed colourful ground markings are not only simple to construct, but are also not easy to fade and have the characteristics of wear resistance and anti-slip. Different coloured ground markings are designed and produced on the greenway around Qiandao Lake according to different sections.


Without further ado, I would like to show you the colourful ground markings on the Thousand Islands Greenway: