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[Style] "Color Road" pre-formed colorful floor stickers to help Wuxi Marathon

With passionate cheering and a rain of cherry blossoms, tens of thousands of runners will be transformed into a stream of pink light, walking through the most beautiful spring scenery in Wuxi~

On 19 March 2023, the Wuxi Marathon officially kicks off. A pink sign shone along the race route, a romantic and romantic scene, with the wind blowing the cherry blossoms, inviting one's thoughts to fly. These "pink cuties" were made of our "Colour Road" brand of pre-formed reflective material:

This year's overall highest-rated marathon in China combines the Wuxi Marathon, the National Marathon Championships (Wuxi), the Budapest World Championships and Hangzhou Asian Games Marathon Trials and the Grand Canal Marathon Series (Wuxi).

The race started from the junction of Yinxiu Road on Taihu Avenue, passing through the Ten Mile Fangdi, Jiangnan University, Financial Street, and the Gonghuwan Wetland Park with its cherry blossoms ...... before finishing at the Wuxi Taihu International Expo Centre. Our pink signs were laid evenly along the course at intervals of more than 20 metres to guide the runners.

In the 2023 Wuxi Marathon, our pre-formed temporary markings with glass beads on the surface are reflective, anti-slip, wear-resistant, simple to construct and easy to remove, and are recognised by many customers.

Our "Colour Road" pre-formed marking strips can be customised to suit the needs of our customers for various sporting events. For example, the Beijing Winter Olympics, Shaanxi National Games, Danzhou Marathon and other sporting events have used our "Colour Road" pre-formed coloured ground markings.