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【Canton Fair】Let the "Color Road" brand preformed reflective materials to the world

The first phase of the 133rd Canton Fair was successfully concluded on April 19.

This year's Canton Fair is the first time that China has fully resumed offline after the smooth turnaround of the epidemic prevention and control, and the global business community is highly concerned. As of April 19, the cumulative number of visitors to the pavilion exceeded 1.26 million, and over the past five days, tens of thousands of China's "smart products" have been unveiled, and global customers have come and gone with great pleasure.

Yushu Night Vision Company brought new products to the exhibition. In this traffic exhibition, Yushu Night Vision Company exhibited "high wear-resisting pre-formed road reflective marking tape", "inlaid colorful ground sticker", "high refractive temporary reflective marking tape", "anti-slip anti-fouling marking tape", "anti-slip anti-fouling ground marker" and other series of products, which were independently developed and obtained the national invention patent, "High refraction temporary reflective marking tape", "anti-slip and anti-fouling marking tape", "anti-slip and anti-fouling ground marking" and other series of products. Due to their strong nighttime reflective properties, good anti-slip performance, excellent wear resistance and easy installation, the pre-formed reflective materials received wide attention and high praise from people at home and abroad, who gathered at the booth, exchanged ideas, consulted about the products and left their contact information, achieving a good effect of brand promotion and product promotion.

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