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[School Signage] Colorful school floor signs to impress your senses with colour

In a school in Chengdu's high-tech district, some new colourful ground signs have been added, which are colourful, entertaining and cartoonish, creating a joyful, knowledgeable and pleasant learning environment for the children.

The colourful signs produced by a school in Chengdu High-tech Zone were made using our "Colour Road" brand of pre-formed reflective material. This time the signs were made with various coloured flowers, yellow cartoon emojis and colourful fun maze games.

Pre-formed materials are favoured for their anti-slip, wear resistance, ease of construction and ease of removal.

Pre-formed reflective materials can be used in the factory to produce complex coloured designs in advance, which can then be applied to the ground with a brush of glue, without high temperatures or open flames.

The campus is not only a place of learning for students, but also a place of entertainment for them. The integration of entertainment elements in the ground colouring construction can not only enrich the campus life of students, but also improve the utilization rate of school space. Let's hope these well-made school signage can bring more good school days to students!