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Tree planting activity】Embrace spring, sowing green-Yushu night vision to create a "garden + orchard" type plant

Spring is coming closer and closer

The smell of spring is everywhere

Plant hope in your heart and reap the rewards of spring

A new way to awaken beauty

It's time to plant a tree

Let's plant a tree!

In order to further build a "garden + orchard" type factory and create a beautiful working and living environment, after the spring, Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co., Ltd organized all volunteers to carry out tree planting activities in the company factory on February 13.

In the process of planting trees, everyone had a clear division of labour and was very energetic, some took up hoes to dig holes, some wielded shovels to shovel soil, some helped to fill in the trees, some cultivated soil and watered water, cooperated with each other and were very busy, the whole tree planting activity site was a scene of fervent labour.

After a day's work, the volunteers planted a total of 2,037 trees in the company, including big-leaved boxwood, red-leaved heather, bougainvillea, date palm, touch mandarin, kumquat and grapes. The spring breeze blew the leaves, the sunshine shed some light, looking at the small trees they planted, we all felt extremely happy, a strong sense of achievement instantly rushed to our hearts, have said: beautifying the environment, we are duty-bound, a little bit of hard work is worth it!