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[Road Sign] Zuimei 218 Tourist Scenic Road - "Colorful Road" Accompanying

In early winter, the villages, ancient roads, mountains, rivers, terraces, and lakes along Provincial Highway 218 between the mountains and villages in Wannan are colorfully rendered by the street trees on both sides. The pre-formed colorful logos of the "Cailu" brand produced by our company are embellished among them, and the scenes blend and complement each other, creating a beautiful 218 tourist scenic avenue.

The Zuimei 218 Tourist Scenic Road starts from Gantang Town in Huangshan District in the north and ends at Yuting Town in Yixian County in the south, with a total length of about 95 kilometers. In early winter from Yixian County to Huangshan, the street trees on both sides are fascinating. With the fluctuation of temperature, its color changes from green to yellow, and then to rust red. On the winding S218 line, the wind blows, the leaves fall, and in the light and shadow Weaving among the shadows of trees, a car, a group of people, a piece of scenery, and a safe guardian - the "Color Road" colorful ground sign, make you feel like you have entered a fairy tale world.

The "Cailu" brand pre-formed color logo uses pre-forming technology to integrate yellow maple leaves, green mountains and rivers, "Zuimei 218", into local cultural elements to produce color ground logos. The finished product is easy to construct and does not require large machinery and equipment. Construction personnel There are no special requirements and it can be opened to traffic after construction, which greatly reduces construction costs and road closure time.

   Although the beauty is extremely beautiful, the beautiful mountains and rivers that change with each step are always testing the quality of "Cailu" brand products. Our pre-formed color ground signs have a distinctive road reminder effect on sunny days. On rainy days, due to the reflective properties of rainy nights, It is more eye-catching on the road and gives every traveler a sense of security. Driving on this road, by the stream, next to the ancient village, you can see thousands of mountains in red, and the forests are dyed in the distance. The "Colorful Road" pre-formed colorful ground signs guide you on your way home safely.