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Electricity and gas company logo design—a new type of reflective logo sticker

  Electricity and gas signs are an important part of the safety management of electric and gas equipment. The signs can clearly display relevant information of electric and gas equipment, remind people to pay attention to the existence of electric and gas equipment, and take corresponding safety measures. In order to effectively improve the safety visibility of electric and gas equipment, a new type of reflective logo—preformed reflective logo stickers—came into being.

Preformed reflective logo stickers

The "Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective logo stickers independently developed and produced by our company are a new type of reflective material made of a combination of polymers, flexible polymers and other raw materials. This material has excellent properties such as strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, and has bright colors and good reflective properties. It is suitable for marking under different environmental conditions.

Characteristics of electric and gas preformed signs

01. Good reflective properties

The pre-formed sign base material and surface are equipped with glass beads, which can reflect light at night or in low-visibility conditions, improving the visibility of the sign. Both pedestrians and vehicles can more easily identify electric and gas facilities.

02. Easy to install and replace

Pre-formed reflective signs are pasted on the back, making installation easy and quick. At the same time, if the identification sticker needs to be replaced, it can be easily peeled off and replaced without causing damage to the facility.

03. Long service life

"Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective logo stickers adopt advanced materials and manufacturing processes, which can withstand harsh climate conditions and are durable.




04. Wide scope of application

Preformed reflective materials can be produced in the factory in advance into a variety of colorful signs such as text, arrows, patterns, warning tapes, etc. to meet the safety needs of different equipment and facilities. Whether it is asphalt, cement, marble and other pavements, or facilities such as telephone poles, pipes, valves, etc., you can choose appropriate marking stickers for marking.

05. Safe and reliable

"Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective logo stickers have been tested by relevant departments and comply with national standards. The products are not affected by extreme weather conditions and harmful factors such as severe cold, heat, humidity, dryness, ultraviolet rays, etc., and have good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, Excellent properties such as wear resistance.

  Through the design of various signs of electric and gas companies, we can improve the public's awareness and alertness of electric and gas facilities, thereby ensuring the safe operation of facilities.

Electricity and gas company logo design case