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Application of preformed temporary markings in highway reconstruction and expansion projects

Since this year, the "Cailu" brand preformed temporary marking strips produced by our company have been used in high-speed reconstruction and expansion projects such as Huiyan Expressway, Shenhai Expressway, Ji'an Expressway, Zhongjiang Expressway, Shenshanxi Expressway, etc. Preformed temporary markings have the advantages of good reflective performance, simple construction, and easy removal, which solve the pain points of traffic marking construction during highway reconstruction and expansion.

Our company's newly developed all-terrain easy-to-remove temporary marking strips are specially developed for marking in highway reconstruction and expansion projects, including temporary markings, arrows, speed limit signs and other traffic signs. The base material of the product is made of environmentally friendly high-molecular flexible polymer; the back is bonded with a reinforced mesh, which has good flexibility and tensile strength to facilitate later removal; it uses high-refractive index glass beads, which has a high retroreflection coefficient; construction and post-production It is easy to remove and can effectively reduce construction costs and road closure time.

Preformed temporary marking tape

Product introduction: "Cailu" brand temporary reflective marking tape is a new type of reflective material made of high-refractive glass beads, wear-resistant layer, base material, reinforcement mesh, adhesive, release film, etc. The thickness is between 0.6-1.2mm.
Product features: The surface of the product is equipped with high-refractive glass beads and has good reflective properties. It is a short-acting product and its service life is usually 1-6 months.

Scope of application: The product is suitable for the construction of temporary traffic markings during road reconstruction and expansion, and the short-term use of indoor and outdoor ground markings.

Regular sizes: 5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm/*60m/roll (can be customized according to customer requirements.)

Regular colors: white, yellow, orange, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements.

Advantages of preformed temporary markings

01Good reflective performance

The preformed marking strip has a high retroreflection coefficient and a wide incident angle. It has a good reflective effect especially at night. The excellent reflective effect can play a good safety warning role.

02Simple construction

The construction of preformed marking tape is simple. You only need to apply glue on the ground and stick it directly. It does not require large mechanical equipment and has no special requirements for construction personnel. It can be opened to traffic after construction, which can greatly reduce construction costs and reduce road traffic. Closed time.

03Easy to replace

The pre-formed temporary markings of "Cailu" brand can be flexibly replaced according to construction needs and road changes. If you need to adjust or replace the marking position, you only need to simply disassemble and reinstall it, which will not cause damage to the road surface and will not affect subsequent construction processes.

04Safety and environmental protection

The construction site of preformed marking tape does not require high temperatures or open flames. Compared with the noise, dust and waste generated by traditional construction methods, the construction process of preformed temporary markings is safer and more environmentally friendly.

05Quality controllable

Pre-formed temporary markings are produced by professional manufacturers, and the quality is effectively controlled. The accuracy and specifications of the markings can be adjusted and tested in advance to ensure the consistency and stability of the markings and comply with relevant standards and requirements.

The pre-formed temporary markings with the "Cailu" brand are temporary markings and will generally be replaced after the road is completed. However, during the reconstruction and expansion process, it provides clear road guidance for traffic participants and improves road safety and driving efficiency.