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[Ground sticker] Xinjiang hundred meters sticker - pre-formed reflective sign

Hundred meter sticker:

The number affixed to the hundred meters represents the distance from the starting point of the road to that location, one for every 100 meters. For example, "5" indicates that the location of the 100-meter sticker is 500 meters away from the 0 km section where the starting point of the road is the starting point. One hundred meters is equivalent to coordinates, if the car breaks down when calling for help can accurately report their position. It is also the "ID card" of each unit section of the highway, and the "reading" of the kilometers and hundred meters will be accurately located. On both sides of different levels of highways, we often see two kinds of traffic safety facilities: 100-meter piles and 100-meter stickers.

Pre-formed 100 meter sticker

Preforming 100 meters paste is the use of preforming technology, in advance in the factory to produce complex color patterns into finished products, construction, just brush on the ground glue, paste on the ground can be. Compared with cement 100-meter pile and plastic steel 100-meter pile, the pre-formed 100-meter paste has the characteristics of good reflective performance and simple construction, which is widely recognized by customers, especially in Xinjiang.

Preformed reflective sign

The "Color Road" brand pre-formed reflective sign produced by our company is a new type of road sign that can be directly pasted on the ground by combining polymer flexible polymer, high refraction glass microbeads, wear-resistant layer, pigment and other raw materials.

At present, Xinjiang Urumqi, Kashgar city, Hami City and other places on some roads, is the use of our production of "color road" brand pre-formed pastes, these pastes are mostly made by Mosaic technology, the surface and substrate are with high refraction glass beads, white circle, inlaid with 0-9 different numbers, the color of the number and the color of the milestone on the word is consistent. There are red and blue respectively, bright color and reflective performance, forming a good visual impact effect, providing a strong guarantee for the safe travel of drivers.