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【 Floor patch 】Have you come to the Shanghai Traffic Show? - "Color Path" pre-formed sign leads you


The "2023 Shanghai International Transportation Engineering, Intelligent Transportation Technology and Facilities Exhibition" jointly organized by the Academy of Communications and Science and Technology and the Netherlands Rayon International Group was held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center on July 24, 2023. In view of the grand events of previous exhibitions, the relevant departments this year adopted the "color Road" brand pre-formed color signs produced by our company, which were laid in the exhibition road as a ground-oriented sign, so that exhibitors can follow the guidance of the sign and easily find the destination.

Shanghai Traffic Show opened on time at 9 o 'clock in the morning, crowds, people come and go, after entering the museum, the red guide sign on the ground is very attractive, according to the guidance of the ground guide sign, people are visiting in an orderly manner.

These preformed signs clearly point out the direction with a red arrow, and design different styles of guidance signs according to different locations, and use white words on the arrow to indicate the name of the specific place. Clear and accurate road guidance provides great convenience for exhibitors, enhances everyone's sense of experience, improves the service efficiency of the exhibition, and the bright color is equipped with the application of gradual color change, and soothes people's visual impact.

Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co.,Ltd  Company as the source of the manufacturer, the production of "color road" brand pre-formed color ground signs using pre-forming technology, in advance production into finished products in the factory, construction only need to brush on the ground after glue paste, product customization, bright color, easy construction, good quality. It has been widely used and praised everywhere.

Are you excited to see such a convenient and beautiful product? What are you waiting for? Welcome to the exhibition site to consult and understand, we are waiting for you at booth D13!