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[Stereoscopic signs] How to make color stereoscopic signs on the road simpler - pre-formed signs

Color stereoscopic sign is a kind of ground sign made by using human eye stereoscopic vision phenomenon.Three-dimensional traffic signs refer to road facilities that use three-dimensional numbers, characters, arrows, patterns, etc., on the road surface to convey guidance, restriction, warning, and indicating traffic information to drivers.Its role is to control and guide traffic, can be used with highway traffic signs, can also be used alone.

The three-dimensional sign made of pre-formed reflective marking belt has the advantages of simple application, obvious reflection, vivid color, strong three-dimensional sense and depth, giving people a strong visual impact, and has the effect of night reflection and anti-slip, which plays a good role in traffic signs. This three-dimensional sign is suitable for asphalt, cement, marble and other ground, convenient construction, only need to brush glue on the road surface.

Color stereoscopic sign legend

1. Three-dimensional zebra crossing

The color three-dimensional zebra crossing made of pre-formed reflective marking belt is different from the general zebra crossing, the three-dimensional zebra crossing has two more colors, in addition to adding a blue line parallel to the white line, and adding a yellow square block at both ends of the two lines. In this way, regardless of the distance and multi-angle observation of these three-color sections, they are presented on the road with the effect of three-dimensional columns, and the safety warning effect is obvious.

The reflective marking also comes with glass microbeads, at night the lights shine over the reflective eye-catching, prompting the passing vehicles consciously slow down before passing the zebra crossing, obey the traffic rules.

2, three-dimensional deceleration sign

Three-dimensional deceleration sign can be used in landscape roads, urban roads need to slow down the lot, its three-dimensional visual effect can remind the driving vehicle to slow down, play a good traffic prompt role.

3, three-dimensional digital arrow

The three-dimensional digital signs on the road generally refer to the speed limit signs on the road section, which remind the driver of the driving speed, and the three-dimensional arrow signs are used together, and the visual impact of the three-dimensional effect can better play a prompt role, so as to effectively reduce the probability of accidents.

4. Stereo characters

Color three-dimensional text signs are generally used in airports, high-speed rail stations, highways, office places, hotels, schools, factories and other roads, bright colors and three-dimensional visual effects can better prompt drivers to drive safely and ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

5, three-dimensional deceleration arch

Three-dimensional deceleration arch is generally used in streets, highway tolls, residential areas, office places, hotels, schools, factories and other pedestrian distribution areas on the road, bright colors and three-dimensional visual effects can better prompt drivers to slow down.

6. Three-dimensional patterns

Three-dimensional pattern logo, breaking the traditional flat image immutable, for people to bring a new visual experience, make people unforgettable. The hand is flat, the eye is three-dimensional, there is a prominent foreground and deep rear scene, the scene is lifelike. All types of images can be stereotyped using preformed line strips.