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[Advertising logo] A new type of floor advertising planning material - preformed color floor stickers

Floor advertising signs/preformed floor stickers

With the continuous development and innovation of ground advertising construction technology, ground advertising is becoming the choice of more and more enterprises. In areas with a large flow of people, the information that needs to be promoted is printed on the ground, which brings a strong visual impact to the crowd. This simple and direct way of publicity is widely favored by businesses. Preformed colored floor stickers are a new type of advertising material after the continuous innovation of planning technology.

Compared with other forms of advertising, ground advertising has the characteristics of intuition and guidance. For example, in large shopping malls, restaurant entrances, parking lots and other places, merchants can use the ground as a drawing board to list and display various patterns and slogans suitable for publicity; when consumers approach the merchants, they can intuitively Obtain guidance and be able to obtain a large amount of product information in a short period of time. Whether traveling by car or passing by on foot, ground advertisements can have a very intuitive impact on people.

When studying ground advertising, there is a problem that has to be paid attention to, that is, its material wearability or service life. Since ground advertisements are often placed in places with a large flow of people or vehicles, they will be worn to varying degrees. If the clarity and integrity of the picture cannot be maintained for a long time, it will be difficult to play a role in publicity. The "Cailu" brand preformed floor stickers produced by Yushu Yeshili Company effectively solve the above problems.

"Cailu" brand preformed stickers are a new type of reflective stickers made of flexible polymers, pigments, glass beads and other raw materials. The material not only has strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance, rolling resistance, wear resistance and other excellent properties, but also has bright colors, easy construction, and is more suitable for marking on the ground advertising signs.

Case study of preformed advertising stickers