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[Zebra Crossing] The romance of 520 Lanzhou Street - Love Zebra Crossing

A three-dimensional zebra crossing is seen in Lanzhou, northwest China's Gansu province, May 20. The three-dimensional zebra crossing is made of the "color road" pre-formed reflective material produced by our company. The zebra crossing is equipped with red love patterns, as well as a variety of romantic words, which adds a holiday romance to the people coming and going!

At present, with the increasing influence of network culture, 520 homophonic "I love you" is very popular on the network, and slowly May 20 has become the network Valentine's Day.

In order to have a romantic network Valentine's Day, in front of a telecommunications company in Lanzhou, a three-dimensional zebra crossing was marked with "Color Road" brand pre-formed reflective material. Unique design, brilliant colors, eye-catching signs all show a romantic and warm scene, and traffic and pedestrians, but also test the quality of "color road" brand products.

Preformed reflective sign substrate and surface are with glass microbeads, its thickness is about 1.5mm, with reflective, anti-slip, wear-resistant and other characteristics, its bright colors make the ground traffic signs become more clear and eye-catching, the warning effect of pedestrians and vehicles is significant, not only directly guide pedestrians to cross the road, but also remind motor vehicle drivers to pay attention to pedestrians in front of the zebra crossing. Improve the intersection traffic efficiency, reduce the probability of traffic accidents!

At the same time, the red love inlaid in the three-dimensional zebra crossing, "I hope people will be smooth for a long time", "Encounter summer romance at the west entrance of the square", "Ask me what I like most about you" and other words, but also highlight the romance of the festival.