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[Colored Floor Stickers] How to apply complex colored floor markings more conveniently

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the coordination of road environment and urban environment. They also have higher requirements for the beauty and functionality of ground signs, which must not only beautify the environment , and to better improve road traffic safety performance.

Color floor markings

Colored ground signs are now an important part of urban landscape roads. In order to create a contemporary atmosphere of traffic and reduce traffic accidents, they are increasingly used on highways, roads or squares. Colorful ground signs can beautify the city and guide traffic flow. They can also reflect the characteristics and style of a city and region, enhance the image and function of the entire city, and show the culture and charm of a modern city.

Line marking construction personnel in the traffic safety industry may all know that although colorful and complex ground markings look good, they are not that simple during construction. Whether you use solvent-based, hot-melt, two-component, water-based or resin-based marking paints, you need to engrave templates. If there is only one or a few sets of a pattern or text, then comprehensive The cost is quite high. Of course, the pure material cost is not much, but when you include the time cost, template cost, machinery cost, and labor cost, it should be quite a lot. So are there any convenient, fast and effective materials to solve this problem?

Preformed reflective material

Pre-formed reflective materials can well solve the problem of difficult construction of colorful and complex pattern ground markings. The "Cailu" brand preformed reflective material produced by our company is a new type of reflective material that is made of a combination of flexible polymers, pigments, glass beads and other raw materials. Pre-formed colored floor stickers are made of pre-formed reflective materials. We use inlay or UV technology to pre-process and make a complete logo in the factory. During construction, you only need to apply glue on the ground and then stick it. No need The mechanical equipment does not require professional construction personnel, which not only reduces the road closure time, but also saves construction costs. There is no high temperature or open flame at the construction site, which effectively improves the safety and environmental protection of the construction. Our products not only have excellent properties such as strong crush resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, but also have bright colors and good reflective properties, which can serve as a good safety warning.

Preformed logo sticker case