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[Preformed road Marking tapes] What creative zebra crossings have you seen?

Preformed reflective marking tape

The "Cailu" brand road preformed reflective marking tape produced by our company is a new type of reflective material made of a combination of flexible polymers, pigments, glass beads and other raw materials. At present, more and more color ground signs are used in the construction of transportation facilities, especially in the construction of zebra crossings on urban roads. Colored ground signs made of preformed reflective marking tapes have rich and colorful pattern designs and can fully Showing the cultural personality of the city and highlighting the taste of the city have become an indispensable part of the construction of urban image projects and lighting projects.

Preformed Reflective Marking Tape Features

1. Safety and environmental protection. There is no high temperature or open flame on site, which effectively improves the safety and environmental protection of the construction site.

2. The construction is convenient, the construction steps are simple and easy to operate, no need to use other mechanical equipment, and there are no special requirements for construction personnel, which can greatly reduce construction costs and reduce road closure time.

3. It has good reflective properties. Both the material surface and the base material contain glass beads, which has an obvious warning effect.

4. The product adopts pre-forming technology and is designed and made into complex color patterns in the factory in advance. The colors are bright and not easy to fade.

5. It is easy to remove. When cleaning, you only need to use heating equipment (such as a blowtorch) to heat the product until it becomes soft, and then you can easily remove it with a shovel and other tools. The road surface will not be damaged after removal.

love zebra crossing

The novel form of the love zebra crossing, the humanization of the pattern, and the warmth of the colors are pleasing to the eye. It not only shows reverence for life, but also provides humane care to pedestrians. At the same time, such patterns can relieve pedestrians' anxiety, fatigue and other emotions, and achieve good emotional regulation effects.

cartoon zebra crossing

At the school gate, in order to attract children to take the initiative to cross the road on the zebra crossing, some vivid cartoon animals are added to the zebra crossing. These cartoon animals are bright and colorful and can serve as a good safety warning, providing a certain guarantee for children's safety in going to and from school.

Characteristic zebra crossing

In order to reflect the local cultural personality, many cities design and produce patterns that represent the local image into zebra crossings. The bright colors can reduce the driver's visual fatigue and have a strong visual impact whether looking up or down, from a distance or up close. With good reflective properties, it is very eye-catching even at night, which not only enhances the image of the city, but also strengthens the role of traffic safety reminder.

three-dimensional zebra crossing

The colorful three-dimensional zebra crossing has night-time reflective and anti-slip effects. It is easy to install and only needs to be glued on the road surface and then pasted. The colorful three-dimensional signs are blue, white and yellow (or other) with bright colors, which make the flat zebra crossing appear three-dimensional, giving passing drivers a strong visual stimulation and enhancing the traffic warning for vehicles and pedestrians.