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To welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, the "Colorful Road" pre-formed signs will protect you from traveling safely!

The tenth month of golden autumn welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, and the earth is filled with bright joy.

The country of vast expanse of blue waves is prosperous, and hundreds of families live and work in peace and contentment.

Happiness is like dots of stars, the more intoxicating they are, the more intoxicating they become.

Accumulate little bits of happiness and treasure every drop of true love,

On this day of national celebration, let us walk together.

"Colorful Road" traffic signs and markings protect everyone's safe travel!

1. The guide on rainy nights
Poor visibility when driving at night can easily lead to traffic accidents. The reflective elements of the "Cailu" brand high-performance reflective marking tape can perfectly improve this problem.

Retroreflective technology based on "color road" markings reflects most of the light into the driver's eyes. Even if you encounter bad weather on the road, with the "Color Road" all-weather high-brightness reflective elements, the markings will still have good visibility.

2. Road safety guardians
People traveling by car during the National Day will inevitably take to the highway. On the highway, for driving safety, road signs play a very important role. Among them, the "Cailu" brand preformed ground reflective signs also play a role in people's safe travel. play a positive role.

On urban and rural roads, the "Colorful Road" brand preformed ground signs play a good safety prompt role during the day and night.

The "Cailu" brand colored ground signs not only have excellent properties such as strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance, rolling resistance, and wear resistance, but also the bright colors can reduce the driver's visual fatigue, and the excellent night-time reflective effect can play a good role. The safety warning function protects our safe travel.

3. Safety reminder
The two-color warning signs produced by the "Cailu" brand preformed markings are widely used on ground (wall) surfaces such as parking lot entrances and exits, high-speed rail stations, tunnels, curb stones, etc. The bright colors and reflective effects can ensure visibility during the day and night, serve as a good warning, and ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

1. The main function of the marking at the head of the high-speed toll island is to provide clear facade and road markings for toll-paying vehicles. This identifies the exact location of the toll island and toll lane to guide vehicles through the toll station safely and smoothly.

2. The rectangular yellow-backed black arrow is a road safety sign. The direction of the arrow is used as a guide sign to remind vehicle drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to safe passage. It is generally used for the entrance and exit of underground parking lots and as a temporary sign for road construction.

Guidance signs made of pre-formed reflective materials have good reflective properties, especially at night, and the reflective properties are better. The construction is simple and only requires glue to be applied to the floor (wall) and pasted.

3. In order to ensure driving safety, especially the safe driving of vehicles at night, some reflective warning signs are placed on the curb stones. This not only satisfies the functions of the original curb stones, but also adds reflective and warning functions to improve the safety of car driving.