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[Reflective floor stickers] Ground markings on non-motorized lanes

Non-motorized lanes refer to the lanes on the roadways on highways and urban roads from the sidewalk teeth (lines) on the right side to the first vehicle lane separation line (or isolation belt, pier) or on the sidewalk. Except for special circumstances, it is exclusively for non-motorized vehicles. Non-motorized lane signs are used to distinguish lanes, so what signs represent "non-motorized lanes"?

Non-motorized lane signs

Non-motorized lane signs are generally signs set up on the side of the road or ground markings drawn on the road to distinguish non-motorized lanes. This sign is very easy to see if you pay attention. Non-motorized lanes are for non-motorized vehicles. Motorized vehicles are not allowed to drive on them. Violations will be punished. Today I will mainly talk about the implementation of ground markings on non-motorized lanes.

Monochrome non-motor vehicle logo

There are generally two types of ground signs for non-motorized lanes. One sign is a single-color bicycle pattern, and some also have the words "non-motorized lane" written on it; the other is a combination of blue and white bicycle patterns. A two-color non-motorized lane sign.

In addition, there are some signs on non-motorized lanes used under special circumstances.

1. With the development of the city, congestion and clutter have also appeared on the non-motorized lanes. Based on these conditions, the traffic control department has isolated a special right-turn lane for non-motorized vehicles on the non-motorized lanes. The original bicycle lane was divided into two parts by an isolation belt, and new signs were painted on the ground - the left side is the go straight and left turn sign, and the right side is the dedicated right turn lane.

2. In 2020, Beijing issued the "Beijing Urban Slow Traffic Quality Improvement Work Plan", which determined the development concept of "slow travel priority, bus priority, and green priority" and put "slow travel" first in the transportation development concept for the first time. Therefore, " Non-motor vehicle priority lanes “appear in the public eye. Different from the dedicated non-motorized lanes, on the road sections with this sign, cyclists have priority, and cars must give way to non-motorized vehicles when they arrive here.

The above ground signs can all be made of preformed reflective materials. Colored floor signs made of preformed reflective materials are not only anti-slip, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and brightly colored, but also have excellent night-time reflective effects that can serve as good safety reminders. effect. In addition, the construction of preformed colored ground signs is also very simple. You only need to apply glue on the ground and then stick it. It can be opened to traffic after the construction is completed, which can greatly reduce construction costs and reduce road closure time.