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[Ground Signs] Wuyishan National Park Scenic Route No. 1—Preformed colored floor stickers

Introduction: Recently, many new colorful ground signs have been added to the No. 1 Scenic Route of Wuyishan National Park in Fujian, which not only brightens the road, beautifies the environment, but also highlights the cultural heritage. These signs are made of "Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective materials produced by our company.

The "Colorful Road" brand preformed colorful ground signs produced by our company connect 42 tourist check-in points (including 25 in Wuyishan City and 17 in Jianyang District) along the No. 1 Scenic Road of Wuyishan National Park. They are laid at regular intervals. A set of signs, the total length of the scenic road is 251 kilometers, containing rich history and culture and unique and beautiful scenery, forming a "flowing scenic line".

For the colorful ground signs on the No. 1 Scenic Route of Wuyishan National Park in Fujian, our company used pre-forming technology to make the words "No. 1 Scenic Route", "Wuyishan National Park" and other words in black on a white background, and combined them with local colorful cultural elements. Colorful floor markings are combined into a set of signs. The finished product is easy to construct and does not require large-scale machinery and equipment. There are no special requirements for construction workers. They can directly apply glue on the ground and stick it on the ground. It can be opened to traffic after construction, which greatly reduces construction costs and reduces road closure time.

Glue the floor

The preformed color ground signs are bright in color and have obvious road prompting effect. Coupled with their excellent reflective properties, they are very eye-catching on the road whether during the day or at night, giving every traveler a sense of security. Show the way home!

Wuyishan National Park Scenic Route No. 1 colorful floor stickers: