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Colorful floor markings for Wuhan Design Biennale

The 7th Wuhan Design Biennale was held at Simitang Railway Heritage Cultural Park in Wuchang District, WISCO Yungu·606 Industrial Park in Hongshan District and other venues. On the road leading to the Biennale, the colorful floor signs are bright and eye-catching. These signs are made of the "Color Road" brand pre-formed reflective materials produced by our company.

On November 1, 2023, the 7th Wuhan Design Biennale opened in Wuhan. Different from previous editions, black characters on a white background made of pre-formed reflective materials were used on urban roads, coupled with a uniquely designed exhibition logo pattern. , combined into a pre-formed color logo 3 meters long and 2 meters wide, laid in it. The pattern and color combinations in the logo are complex and diverse. It is a 3D colorful picture composed of red, yellow and blue, which is very eye-catching.

The "Cailu" brand preformed reflective materials produced by our company are composed of polymers and other raw materials. The preformed color floor signs produced by this material have excellent properties such as rolling resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. , and the bright colors can reduce the driver’s visual fatigue, and the excellent reflectivity can play a good safety warning role.

Preformed color floor signs use preforming technology. Complex color patterns are pre-made into finished products in the factory. There is high-strength adhesive on the back. During construction, you only need to apply glue on the ground and then stick it. There is no high temperature at the construction site. , open flame, which effectively improves the safety and environmental protection of construction. At the same time, it can greatly reduce construction costs and reduce road closure time, becoming one of the indispensable products in urban lighting projects.

product description

Product name: Preformed floor signs

Product brand: Cailu

Product process: UV process

Product specifications: 2m*3m (can be customized)

Scope of application: Suitable for various road surfaces such as asphalt, cement, marble, etc.

Removal method: When cleaning, you only need to use heating equipment (such as a blowtorch) to heat the product until it becomes soft, and then it can be easily removed with a shovel and other tools, leaving no residue on the road surface.