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Prevention first, life first - Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co.,Ltd carries out fire safety training and drills

November 9, 2023

It’s the 32nd National Fire Protection Day

This year’s fire protection theme is

"Prevention first, life first"

In order to further enhance employees' fire safety awareness, improve emergency response capabilities, and effectively prevent the occurrence of fire accidents, Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co.,Ltd launched a fire safety publicity campaign on November 9, with the theme of "Prevention First, Life First" It is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, effectively enhances the fire protection awareness of corporate employees, and creates a safe working environment.

Combining the "three preventions" in winter with the actual situation of the company, the company's general department teaches fire safety knowledge to employees, so that employees can master and understand fire prevention, fire extinguishing and escape and self-rescue skills, and improve their awareness of self-protection.

On the afternoon of November 9th, all employees learned fire safety knowledge and conducted fire drills.

Fire Awareness Month


The Ministry of Public Security issued a notice

It will be on November 9th every year

Designated as "119 Fire Protection Awareness Day"

Starting from 2018

The "119" fire protection day publicity activity

Expanded into National Fire Protection Awareness Month event

Through the activities of the Fire Protection Awareness Month, employees' fire safety awareness will be enhanced to achieve the goal of "everyone participates in fire protection, everyone understands fire protection, and everyone pays attention to fire protection", and lays a good safety foundation for the company's high-quality development.