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[Hospital logo] Ground oriented - clear, beautiful and safe

Hospital floor sticker

Hospital as an open institution, doctors and patients mixed every day, people come and go. Ground-oriented signs are of great significance for finding hospital departments in many areas. "Color Road" brand pre-formed reflective material professional for large and medium-sized hospitals, medical, health institutions to provide a complete set of systematic guidance signs, is a veritable quality choice.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University in Henan Province adopted the "Color Road" brand pre-formed color sign stickers produced by our company. The logo clearly points out the direction of the east, south, west and north with blue arrows. According to different departments, different styles of guidance signs are designed, and the specific locations are marked with yellow characters on the arrows. The clear and accurate road guidance provides great convenience for patients to seek medical treatment, improves the service efficiency of the hospital, and the harmonious and beautiful color collocation indirectly relieves the nervous emotions of patients.

Sichuan JIangyou Yushu Yeshili Reflective Material Co.,Ltd as the source manufacturer, the production of pre-formed color ground signs personalized customization, bright color, easy construction, good quality. It has been widely used in the ground marking of medical and nursing institutions and has been widely praised.