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[Overseas case] Coloured floor signage - Shared by Saudi customers: Pavement Patterns

In July 2022, our company exported a batch of "color road" brand pre-formed color ground signs to Saudi Arabia, which has been fully recognized by them, and is very satisfied with the product use effect. Recently, we have successively purchased a batch of the same color ground signs and monochrome bicycle pattern signs.

The ground signs successively purchased by Saudi Arabia are made into bicycle patterns, arrow signs and color ground signs using engineering anti-cursor belts. The surface and substrate of the engineering anti-cursor belt are equipped with glass microbeads, with reflective, anti-slip, wear-resistant, non-fading and other characteristics, and its service life is usually 2-3 years.

"Color Road" brand engineering type reverse cursor belt can be made into a variety of arrows, characters, patterns, widely used in urban roads, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, parks, greenways and other ground signs. During construction, only glue can be applied on the ground and the back of the product, which greatly reduces the construction cost and road closure time. Small editor tips: winter weather is cold, bake with fire, paste more firmly oh!