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[Warning tape] A warning sign made of a new type of material

Overview of Preformed Warning Tapes

Preformed warning tape is a sign product widely used in industry, transportation, safety and other fields. The "Cailu" brand preformed warning marking tape produced by our company is a new type of reflective marking made of a combination of polymer flexible polymers, glass beads and other raw materials. It has good wear resistance, water resistance, aging resistance, etc. characteristic. Warning tapes provide users with clear warnings and guidance through bright colors and eye-catching patterns, effectively avoiding potential safety risks.

Features and advantages of preformed warning tapes

01. Bright colors
Preformed warning tapes are designed with high contrast colors, such as yellow and black, red and white, green and white, etc., which have strong visual impact and can quickly attract attention even in complex environments.

02. Strong durability
Specially processed pre-formed warning tapes have excellent anti-wear, anti-aging and anti-UV properties.

03. Simple construction
The back of the preformed warning tape has high-performance adhesive. During construction, just apply glue on the floor (wall) and then stick it. It can be directly stuck on smooth ground.

04. Good reflective performance

The surface and base material of the preformed warning tape are equipped with glass beads, which have good reflective properties and can play a good safety warning role especially at night.

Preformed warning tape application scenarios

01. Industrial safety
The use of preformed warning tapes around mechanical equipment and in hazardous area isolation can effectively remind workers to pay attention and reduce the risk of accidents.

02. Public places

In public places such as shops, hotels, and schools, preformed warning tapes are often used to mark exits, emergency exits, non-entry areas, etc. This helps guide people quickly to safe exits in an emergency and ensures they comply with area-specific regulations.

03. Healthcare institutions

In settings such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, preformed warning tapes are often used to mark hazardous areas on the floor, such as slippery floors, wet areas or places that require special attention, to reduce the risk of falls for patients, visitors and staff.

04. Transportation field

In transportation hubs such as airports, train stations, and subway stations, preformed warning tapes can be used to instruct passengers to go to specific areas, avoid dangerous areas, or comply with safety regulations, thereby improving the operational efficiency and safety of the entire transportation system.

As people's safety awareness increases and traffic management becomes increasingly strict, the market demand for preformed warning tapes has shown steady growth. Preformed warning tapes have good reflective properties, high visibility and easy identification, ensuring that they can effectively convey warning messages in various environments. In addition, the stable product characteristics can withstand the test of long-term use and environmental changes, and are widely recognized and praised by customers. The products are exported to various places at home and abroad.