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Why are preformed road markings more popular than traditional markings?

Why are preformed road markings more popular than traditional markings?

On most urban roads, we can see different types of road markings, including traditional markings and pre-formed road marking stickers. So why do more and more cities and road management departments choose to use preformed road markings? Let’s explore it together.

First of all, an important reason why preformed road markings are more popular than traditional markings is their durability and durability. Traditional markings are usually completed by spraying or marking, which is susceptible to wear and tear from weather and passing vehicles, causing the markings to fade or be damaged easily. Preformed road marking stickers are pre-made marking stickers, which have strong weather resistance and wear resistance. They can maintain clear and stable markings for a long time, reducing the frequency of maintenance and updates. , reducing maintenance costs.

Secondly, the construction speed and convenience of preformed road markings are also one of the reasons for their popularity. Compared with traditional markings that require longer construction time and complicated procedures, preformed road markings can be quickly and easily attached to the road, reducing interference and impact on road traffic. This is particularly important when road markings need to be changed or updated quickly. It also improves construction efficiency and saves time and labor costs.

In addition, preformed road markings provide better clarity and visibility than traditional markings. Because the preformed road marking stickers use professional printing technology and materials, the marking patterns and colors are more vivid and clear, and have better reflective properties. They can be clearly visible even at night or in bad weather conditions, improving the driver's safety. Route identification and security.

To sum up, preformed road markings are increasingly favored and chosen by road management departments and cities due to their advantages in durability, construction speed and convenience, clarity and visibility. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology and changing market demands, preformed road marking stickers will continue to play an important role in the road marking industry, providing better protection for urban road traffic safety and efficiency.