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[Case] Marking of ground parking space for shared bicycles

Recently, Fuzhou, Fujian province, has carried out a unified plan for the parking points of shared bicycles using pre-formed signs and markers to avoid the phenomenon of indiscriminate parking of shared bicycles.The ground signage of the preformed material is bright and eye-catching, which not only makes it easy for people to park, but also becomes part of the lighting project of the city.

By providing services in campus, subway station, bus station, residential area, commercial area, public service area and other places, shared bicycle (bicycle) enterprises complete the last piece of the "puzzle" of the transportation industry, and drive residents to carry out green and low-carbon travel. However, many cities have the phenomenon of indiscriminate parking of shared bicycles, as well as the occupation of special parking points, for this situation, the relevant departments began to orderly plan the special parking points of shared bicycles.

In 2022, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, planned the shared bicycle parking point, and after repeated inspection and testing by relevant departments, decided to use the "Color Road" brand pre-formed reflective marking belt produced by our company to complete the implementation of the ground sign.

The pre-formed ground sign adopts the pre-formed technology, the text, arrows, complex patterns are produced in the factory, and the construction only needs to be pasted after applying glue on the ground and the back of the product, which is very simple and greatly reduces the construction cost.

On March 18, our company sent technical personnel to the site to guide the construction, the shared bicycle special parking point ground signs with green marking belt, green arrow, green pattern and green background white characters "shared bicycle special parking space", green background yellow characters "electric vehicle parking ban" combination, the whole is very eye-catching.