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Leaders of China Communications Enterprise Management Association visited our company for investigation and guidance

Introduction: On April 13, 2024, Sun Xianjun, deputy secretary-general of the China Communications Enterprise Management Association, president and secretary-general of the Reflective Materials Branch, led relevant experts to visit our company for investigation and guidance.


The general manager of the company, Wang Hongfeng, and others warmly received Sun Xianjun and his delegation and held a symposium in the conference room on the second floor of the company. After listening to the company's introduction, development experience, product production, sales, and new product research and development, the research and guidance group continued to explore and persevere in the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises in post-earthquake assistance and construction, and to take root in the traffic safety industry for fifteen years. The spirit of hard work and enterprising, as well as the persistence in the preformed reflective material industry, have been fully affirmed and praised.

In the production workshop, the research and guidance team fully affirmed the low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly, and other characteristics of the preformed products after on-site inspection and an in-depth understanding of the workshop production environment and the entire production process of the product.

In the company's exhibition hall, the research and guidance group pointed out that preformed products are industry products with promising prospects, whether in infrastructure construction such as municipal roads, special roads, highway diversions, etc. or as ground signs for civil aviation, railways, electricity, gas and other industries. It is indispensable in factories, mines, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, exhibition halls, etc., as well as large-scale sports events. It has the advantages of wide application, convenient use and distinctive features.

At the company's new product experiment site, the research and guidance group gave high praise and full affirmation to the performance of our company's newly developed "preformed all-terrain easy-to-remove reflective marking tape" on urban zebra crossings and uneven and broken roads. This product was specially developed by Yushu Night Vision Company in 2023 in response to market demand and has obtained the national utility model certificate.

Finally, the research and guidance group also expressed hope for our company to adhere to the green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly technological route to provide high-quality, economical, preformed rapid installation and removal products for road traffic markings, scenic spots, public spaces and other scenarios.

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