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[Logo] "Cailu" preformed colorful floor stickers support the Wuxi Marathon

On March 24, the 2024 Wuxi Marathon kicked off amid cherry blossom petals flying in the sky! This event coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Xinma Marathon. It is not only the opening event of this year’s National Marathon Championships but also the Paris Olympic Marathon Trials, making it one of the most important domestic marathon events this year.

As the starting gun sounded, tens of thousands of runners leaped into action, turning into a rushing pink wave, running through the beautiful spring scenery of Xicheng in March, interpreting the poetic picture of "people running in paintings". On the race route, pink signs are shining, the scenes are blended, dreamy, and romantic, and the wind blows cherry blossoms, making people think. These "pink signs" are made of our company's "Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective materials.

On the 2024 Wuxi Marathon track, our company's preformed temporary signs with glass beads on the surface. They are reflective, non-slip, wear-resistant, simple to construct, and easy to remove, and have been recognized by customers.

The "Cailu" brand preformed marking strips produced by our company can be customized according to customer needs to provide customized color ground markings in various sports events. For example, the Hangzhou Asian Games, Beijing Winter Olympics, Shaanxi National Games, Danzhou Marathon and other sports events have all used the "Color Road" brand pre-formed color ground signs produced by our company.

The "Cailu" brand preformed logo enhances the visibility and safety of the track, allowing participants and spectators to more clearly identify the direction and area of the track, and can reflect light at night or in low-light environments. , improve visibility and provide participants with a better competition experience.